Hilfsorganisation Africachild e. V.

How you can help

Volunteer Work

Young mothers (ages 13-25) are given aid in order to care independently for their child. Volonteers are given the opportunity to help our cause.


We are urgently looking for eager helpers!

We can only succeed in our mission if we unite to achieve our goal: dignity for every young mother and her child.



The following are examples of projects that aid us:

Hair salon Kenya

Andrea and Marco Struck from Erding, Germany, spent eight months teaching young mothers in Africachild Village to be hairdressers. The students received a diploma that now qualifies them to work professionally in this field. Two of the ex-students are currently employed by the hair salon in Africachild Village, teaching other women the trade.

The Village’s salon was entirely furnished and equipped by Andrea and Marco Struck.


The young mothers in Africachild Village thank Andrea and Marco Struck for their dedication and financial aid.



Help-Station for young girls – Kinondo, Kenia

Young mothers, often no older than 15 years of age, should be given the opportunity to raise their children. We aid them in overcoming poverty and helplessness.


We give counsel and aid to young pregnant women. We help young mothers and their babies to overcome difficulties in their lives. This Help-Station desperately needs funds to build round huts and pay for medicine, baby milk and clothing. It is currently being furnished and coordinated by Raimund and Judith Marz. If you decide to aid this project, you would be saving human lives in a direct way.


Help from Cologne, Germany

For many years, Martin Reinboth has been coordinating aid for Africachild from the Cologne Africachild-Group, which consists of dedicated individuals with pronounced awareness of the problems in Africa. Many are sponsors of individual women and are crucial to the success of our projects. The Cologne Africachild group continues to grow, so that their aid becomes ever more useful. It meets at least once a year to hear about the new developments in Africa from Raimund Marz. Some of its members intend to visit Kenya in the near future to see the projects up close.


Personal Loans

Personal loans by friends of Africachild e.V. can be small, every amount helps: you can help purchase a sewing machine, an oven or other materials necessary for apprenticeships. Note that almost all personal loans have been repaid in the past as agreed at the outset.

Haille Gebrselassie is helping:

Ethiopa’s national hero, who has won the Olympics and been world champion on numerous occasions, visited the first house for homeless mothers. He thereby provided them with social recognition and appraisal.


Haille Gebrselassie has been a formal member of Africachild e.V. since 2003. He campaigns around the world to aid children in Ethiopia and supports our project.


We thank him for his commitment!


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Hilfsorganisation Africachild e. V.

Hilfsorganisation Africachild e. V.

© 2016  Africachild e. V.

© 2016  Africachild e. V.